Vendredi 4 septembre

Vendredi 4 septembre

Aujourd’hui, nous vous proposons:

Tajine de légumes et pain galette


Crispy Tempeh Burger / Bönheur kebab
servi avec pommes de terre au four
( pour burger possibilité sans gluten)

Venez aussi découvrir nos nouvelles propositions !
Salades, sandwich de focaccia, houmous, desserts du moment …


Vegetable tagine and pancake bread


Homemade Burger / Bönheur Kebab
served with baked potatoes
(option gluten-free bread for the burger)

Take away: 21.-
From Monday to Friday 11.30am-2.30pm
Delivery via EAT.CH or SMOOD.CH

>> Possibility to add 2chf,5chf, 10chf on the total amount of your bill in order to support us in this difficult time

Order and service at the bar + self-clearing, but we have now a few tables available to eat on site 🙂